The 4 scales of Lucio Bike Tour


About 5h 30min pedaling
with multiple stops

From  R$345  to R$300
per person

Max 15 persons 
per group
Minimum of 2 people to depart

lightweight aluminum
 bicycles with gears


Brasília Park City!

Have you ever thought of living in a park? Well, that is what happens to every local resident of Brasília! We live in a huge park that is cut by two intersecting axes, which divided your areas according to the urban planning principles of the sectors, that compose them and define the occupation of their space – the four scales: Monumental, Residential, Gregarious and Bucolic. The following pictures show how it is an excursion with the Camelo Bike Tour through the 4 Scales of Brasilia.

The Monumental Scale of the capital of Brazil!

Prepare your camera! It is in the Monumental Scale that the most important public buildings of the Brazilian Republic and also of the local government are concentrated. Its characteristics give the city the character of a capital. In the Monumental Axis, almost all the projects are of the Architect Oscar Niemeyer. Lucio Costa signed the TV Tower and the Platform of the Central Bus Station. In the Monumental Scale is the “crème de la crème” of modern Brazilian architectural expression. Do not miss a single click!

The Residential Scale and the Brazilian way of living!

Come check out the stunning urban serenity of the Residential Scale, which is ensured by large landscaped spaces with many trees between the residential blocks on pilotis. This scale has as its backbone the Road Axis, over which are located the Neighborhood Units, with its “Superquadras” that innovated the way of living.

The Gregarious Scale is the meeting place!

In Brasilia, it is the urban space more densely occupied and favorable to meeting people. This scale is located at the intersection of the two axes and it gets mixed up with the center of the city, where the banking, hotel, commercial and entertainment sectors are located. It is the center of the daily population convergence, which its central focus is the Platform of the Central Bus Station.

The Bucolic Scale permeates all the others

This scale is represented in all green, free and wooded areas of the city, whether it is from native vegetation coverage or implanted vegetation. This is more visible on the edge of Lake Paranoá, in the City Park and in the sectors of embassies and clubs. This is what provides to Brasília the character of Park City. Its vegetable volumetry allows the permanent perception of the horizon and the vision of the sky, which is always with a lot of light and indescribable sunsets.

it is the game of scales that will characterize and give meaning to Brasilia… the residential or daily scale… the said monumental scale, in which man acquires a collective dimension; the urbanistic expression of this new concept of nobility… Finally the gregarious scale, where dimensions and space are deliberately reduced and concentrated in order to create a favourable climate to grouping… We can also add another fourth scale, the bucolic scale of open areas suited for lake or countryside weekends”.

Lucio Costa

The Four Scales of Lucio Bike Tour is a great tour through the only one contemporary city in the world protected by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. This route was conceived for getting to know the 4 Scales created by Lucio Costa, who was a key figure of modern urban planning in Brazil. We Have no doubt, on this tour you will get to know the real Brasilia, with a perspective that only a bike allows. It lasts approximately 5 hours and a half.

The circuit has several stops for explanations and for taking photos. This route is, in synthesis, the union of two others, the one of the Monumental Axis with the one of the Neighborhood Unit. It is a much more complete bike tour through the city of Brasilia. The scales are the urban configurations of the city taking into account the use of the ground and its relation of the edified area with the not edified one. Lucio Costa developed Brasilia in four distinct scales – Monumental, Gregarious, Residential and Bucolic. We will go through them, realizing their characteristics and their differences. 

This is the most requested bike tour of all! During the circuit we change the modal transportation, we took the subway with the bikes. In addition to the multiple stops, we will have a longer one to have lunch at a self-service restaurant, chosen because they offer varied dishes that cater to vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and people who have food restrictions (gluten and lactose). Meals and beverages are not included in the price.

The price of this bike tour is R$320,00 per person, but there is a promotion and it leaves for R$280,00 per person.  We need at least 2 persons to leave. We might have other people to join the tour on the same day, and we will put a group together if it is the case. A private tour can also be arranged but will have an increase in the cost.


More details

We leaving from Monday to Sunday. We can guide in 5 languages! in up to 5 languages. The price of the tour includes the bicycle, helmet, two bottles of mineral water. It does not include any other food or drinks at our stops. Plan something close to R$60 to spend at lunch.

This tour runs approximately 23 km, of which about 2 km are by subway, which by the way, is on our account. As there are several stops and the terrain is practically flat, the physical conditioning required to travel through it is small. Brasília is one with many shared sidewalks and has many cycle paths, which makes it easy to cycle here.

Advance booking is required. Our bike tours are often sold up weeks in advance. Book your seat today by e-mail ( or by our WhatsApp +55 61 99303-8196.

This bike tour is public, and is suitable for children from 9 years of age since accompanied by parents or guardians. If you wish to pedal with your children below this age, we can make a private tour for you and your family.

It is necessary to make the reservation in advance,

because this way we program the guides and the bikes. We request that participants present themselves 30 minutes in advance of their scheduled time. We suggest that participants come in cycling clothes and tennis and use sunscreen.

Tips for the guide are not included. Participants should feel free to tip if they like the service. We need at least two people to leave, otherwise we charge 30% upon the normal price on any route. If you are alone, please confirm that there will be more participants on the bike tour you wish to do.

We need at least two people to leave, otherwise we charge 30% upon the normal price on any route. If you are alone, please confirm that there will be more participants on the bike tour you wish to do.