Camelo Bike Tour

The Camelo Bike Tour came from a desire to present Brasilia in a particular way. The city is a scenario of a historical milestone – it was the first contemporary city to receive the title of Cultural Heritage Site by Unesco. Brasilia, in urbanism terms, is the most remarkable accomplishment of the last century.

The concept of Cultural Heritage is universal, it BELONGS TO ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, regardless of territory. A world landmark in modern architecture and urbanism, Brasilia has the largest protected area on Earth – 112,25km² – the understanding of the importance of Brasilia´s heritage preservation, reaffirms the need of spreading the word about its heritage.

The Camelo Bike Tour is part of the strategy to stimulate reflection on the importance of Brasilia, opening the opportunity for the community to recognize it. To follow this process the Camel Bike Tour proposes the bicycle tours. The cyclist can in a fun way, reach impossible sites for a car, van or bus, and his perspective with the urban space is totally different from the usual, his personal experience is therefore unique and generally unprecedented. With its extensive bike paths, the city of Brasilia has the potential to gain a new identity as a city – the capital of the bicycles!

We have some circuits or routes – The Monumental Axis, The 4 Scales of Lucio, The Neighborhood Unit, JK Memorial & Crystals Square, and Eduardo & Mônica. The idea is, taking advantage of the bike paths, pedaling and recognizing the city. All the tours have some moments when we get off the bicycles and there are interesting explanations about art, history, architecture, urbanism, in short, Brasilia´s culture, Brazilian culture. After all, we are in a unique city, capital of an immense country, that was built by people who came from all over Brazil.

The merit of the idea of getting to know a city like Brasilia riding a bike is not only to learn its history, to see Niemeyer’s buildings, to understand Lucio Costa’s humanist-libertarian intention, but also to have a uniquely personal experience of interaction and get-together with other participants, building friendships, all with security and with plenty new meanings. Come on, joy us, and also “travel” through Brasília!


Our business address

We are an urban cycling tourism agency. The Camelo Bike Tour is located at SHS Quadra 06, Conjunto A, Bloco A, Store 17. Centro Empresarial Brasil 21, Asa Sul Brasília – DF, CEP.: 70316-102